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Summary of Parking Regulations for
Townhome Areas:

1. Do not park where the curbs have been painted yellow.  These
are fire-lanes and no-parking areas.

2. Vehicles cannot be stored in visitor spaces.   Cars in visitor
spaces must be moved to another space after 24 hours to give
others a chance.

3. The following types of vehicles are NOT allowed in Bridlewood
parking areas:  abandoned vehicles, disabled vehicles, commercial
equipment, and recreational vehicles.

4. Offenses subject to immediate towing:  Vehicles parked in fire
lanes or yellow curb no-parking areas; other vehicles in residents'
assigned spaces; vehicles parallel or double-parked.

5. Report violations to Sequoia Management (Craig Courtney  
703-803-9641).  Craig will arrange for towing.  When a vehicle is
to be towed from a resident's space, the resident must meet the
tow truck, show ID, and sign the towing slip.

For details, see the complete Parking Policy in the Document
Library portion of this web site
Bridlewood Community Association, Inc.
Gainesville, Virginia