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Governing Documents

Important Note:  These documents DO NOT replace the disclosure package
required for home sale.  These documents are shown for convenience only.  
Some documents may apply to your home and some may not.  All documents
may not be included here.

Bridlewood's legal governing documents are a binding contract that you entered
into at the time you purchased your home.  Some of the documents below apply
to the entire neighborhood.  Other documents apply to your section of the
neighborhood (because the builder applied to the county as they built each
section).  Click on the underlined text to view the document.

Check this neighborhood map to determine which section your home is in:
Click Here for Section Map

Documents that apply to the entire neighborhood:

Documents that apply to certain sections:

If you have any questions about how these documents apply to you, contact
Sequoia Management Company.
Bridlewood Community Association, Inc.
Gainesville, Virginia