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Architectural Control

Advance approval is required for decks, fences, sheds, color changes, or
any change to the outside appearance of your home.  This approval
process helps to keep our neighborhood attractive and protect our
property values.  See our Architectural Guidelines document for details.

Complete an application form (see our DOCUMENTS page) and send it to
the management company.  It will be evaluated by our volunteers on the
Architectural Control Committee (ACC).   

Remember to:

  • Provide enough details to the committee (to speed the approval).  
    Exact locations, type of wood, color stain, etc.
  • Remember that storm doors should be white or match the color of
    the trim around your door.  They must be full-view type to show
    your main door.
  • Allow plenty of time.  These volunteers meet every couple of weeks
    to review applications.

Easy-to-understand Architectural Guidelines have been prepared.  You
can view the updated Guidelines (Updated in January, 2006) on the
DOCUMENTS page of this web site.

Contact our volunteers on the ACC (on CONTACT Us page).  They are
always happy to discuss your planned project.
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